Chinese border villages in Arunachal Pradesh: China is circling the South China Sea in Arunachal Pradesh through border villages: China is moving the occupation of the South China Sea by installing villages on the border of Arunachal Pradesh

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Indian experts warned about building Chinese villages on the Arunachal Pradesh border, Indian experts warned that satellite photos of the South China Sea had been revealed, the dragon said construction was carried out in his region.
China has badly beaten India in Ladakh, now South China is doing the trick in Arunachal Pradesh. China is building more and more human settlements in areas adjacent to the Indian border in southern Tibet. A few months ago, many such images went viral, claiming that China had established many villages in Arunachal in the border region of India. Analysts have now claimed that China is trying to move into the South China Sea to strengthen its claim.

China has made the same tour in the South China Sea.
Voa News quoted Professor Brahma Chellani of the Center for Policy Research Strategic Studies in New Delhi as saying that villages inhabited by China in border areas are comparable to man-made islands created in the South China Sea. He warned that we must not forget that in the South China Sea, China has redefined the geopolitical map without firing a single shot.

China promotes hybrid war
He said Beijing was not directly pursuing expansionism, but through heterogeneous and hybrid warfare. This success in the South China Sea has encouraged China to implement this trick also in the Himalayan region. Many reports claimed that China forcibly built this village in the empty area between India and Tibet.

Villages settled in China are a matter of concern for India
The new village built in China is a matter of great concern to India. Because this area is considered quite sensitive. China refuses to recognize Arunachal Pradesh as part of southern Tibet, while India has periodically made it clear to China that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of us. Last year alone, China abducted Indians from the region, who then had to return it under pressure.

China said construction was done in its region
Media in India claimed that China had established new villages on the Arunachal border, based on satellite photographs. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has defended its construction, claiming that general construction on its own territory is a matter of absolute sovereignty. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said we have never recognized so-called Arunachal Pradesh.

Open China with satellite photos
According to the report, based on February 17, 2020 photographs from Planet Labs, at that time only one village was inhabited in the area. In which about 20 houses with red roofs are seen. The second photo from November 28, 2020 shows more than 50 houses, as well as three new enclaves, which are located at a distance of one kilometer from each other. An all-weather open road was also built to connect them.

China also built a village on the lands of Bhutan
A week ago, satellite photos revealed that China had also set up two villages in Bhutan’s land. The region of Bhutan in which China established new settlements is located just 7 kilometers from the site of the Doklam confrontation in 2017. China built this land on the Amo Chu River in Bhutan.

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