Chinese Communist Party stirs outrage after mocking India Covid 19 Crisis on Weibo: Chinese Communist Party surrounded by stupid jokes in India

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Chinese Communist Party joked about Corona tragedy in India The Communist Party said concerns remained in India as China prepared a space station;
His own party exposed China’s bad mentality, trying to gain sympathy by asking for its help in the Corona tragedy in India. Because of this, not only the country of China’s ruling party is getting very dark in the world. In fact, a social media account from the Chinese Communist Party mocked the Corona tragedy in India and said there were concerns in India as China prepared space stations in space.

Social media created a row after the controversial post posted by the Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs account on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. In this article, a photo of the Chinese rocket launch on one side and the burning of corpses in India on the other side is shown. The caption for this article reads: “A burning fire in China vs. a burning fire in India”.
Chinese President Xi Jinping writes condolences to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on COVID-19 crisis, offers assistance
“ China should show its sympathy to India ”
Chinese social media users reacted strongly to this post and sharply criticized the Communist Party for its insensitivity to the Corona tragedy in India. Weibo users said the post was “ inappropriate ” and China should show its sympathy to India. After these criticisms, Hu Shijin, editor of the official Chinese Bhopu Global Times, wrote that this time we should raise the level of humanitarianism for India.

Controversial Chinese Communist Party post

However, the true face of Hu Shijin was also revealed to the world later on. Hu Shijin tweeted: “Many Chinese are concerned that emergency supplies such as oxygen builders and ventilators that China will provide to India will meet the needs of the country’s wealthy rather than saving poor patients from India. ” In this way, the editor of the Global Times raised questions about the Indian system.

24/7 work in progress in China: Chinese Ambassador
Previously, the Chinese Ambassador to India said in an interview with the Global Times that “China will do its utmost to provide assistance in accordance with India’s request.” According to the report, production of 40,000 oxygen generators ordered by India is underway. Chinese companies will soon be providing essential medical supplies to India.

Sun said in the interview that China is hopeful that the local population under the leadership of the Indian government will soon gain the epidemic. “China came first to help India,” he said. Since April, China has sent more than 5,000 ventilators, around 22,000 oxygen generators, 3,800 tons of medicine and 21 million masks. He said Chinese companies were quickly producing 40,000 oxygen generators by working all day, and efforts would be made to deliver them as quickly as possible.

China’s ruling Communist Party mocked Corona in India

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