Chinese company fines for toilet breaks: Chinese company’s strange decree, sentenced to several fines, will be fined – Chinese tech company fines staff for taking too many toilet breaks

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A company in the Chinese province of Guangdong gave strange orders to its employees. The company said if employees take more than one toilet break, the fine will be imposed. Chinese company says employees are lazy and fined for improving their jobs
A Chinese company has given strange orders to its employees. The southern China-based company said that if employees take more than one toilet break, they will be fined. Chinese company Ampu Electronic Science and Technology says employees are lazy and more than one toilet break has been fined for improving work efficiency.

The company, based in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, imposed fines of 20 yuan on employees taking more than one toilet break. He said it was against company rules. The company fined seven employees on December 20 and 21. This rule is tied to Charlie Chaplin’s popular Modern Times movie.

In this Charlie Chaplin film, the employee must be registered with his boss before going to the bathroom. The Dongguan administration has now taken note of the sanction for breaking the toilet rule and has started to investigate the whole matter. Officials said this rule was illegal. He asked the company to improve the order and reimburse the employees who were fined.

In contrast, Cao, an executive at the company, said he did not ask employees to collect the fine. Instead, fines are deducted from their monthly premium. He said the company should adopt this rule because some employees often go to the bathroom and smoke cigarettes and relax on the job. Cao said, “We were helpless. The point is, these workers were lazy at work. The management spoke to the staff several times but it had no effect on them.

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