Chinese COVID Vaccine: The use of Chinese corona vaccine was heavy for these countries, now what will happen to Pakistan-Nepal? – countries using Chinese vaccines against covid-19 are paying the price for the fight against corona epidemics, which Pakistan will do Nepal

All countries are vigorously leading the vaccination program to save the people who are battling the corona virus epidemic. Countries have no choice due to limited production. This is the reason why many countries dream of beating the epidemic by relying on the Chinese sinoform vaccine. However, they now find it difficult to trust the Chinese vaccine. The Chinese vaccine is also used indiscriminately in our neighboring countries, Pakistan and Nepal. After which, the danger of a worsening corona crisis also appeared in these countries.

dreamed of eliminating the corona with the Chinese vaccine
According to the New York Times report, China’s neighboring Mongolia had promised it would eliminate the corona with a Chinese vaccine by the summer. Bahrain had said by using this vaccine that soon everyone would return to normal life. Seychelles was using this vaccine to get the economy back on track. Not only that, so many people were infected in Chile after the introduction of the Chinese vaccine that experts must warn.

Devastation in these countries despite vaccination
These four countries have relied on readily available Chinese vaccines. But, now all of these countries are afraid of a huge jump in infection cases instead of getting rid of the corona virus. At the end of last year, China launched a campaign to draw countries around the world under its flag using vaccine diplomacy. He was concerned that India and America would make their fans by providing the vaccine to the world.

The Chinese vaccine is not effective on the new variant!
Now, data from many countries has shown that the Chinese vaccine is not effective in preventing corona infection. Especially the effect of this vaccine on the new variant of Corona is not at all visible. Experts said that the decrease in the number of corona cases in any country depends on the vaccine administered to its citizens by that country.

Seeing the country, the Chinese corona vaccine is effective, 50 in Brazil and 91 percent effective in Turkey
All this in the top 10 countries infected with Corona last week
According to the Our World in Data data monitoring project, 50 to 68 percent of the population of Seychelles, Chile, Bahrain and Mongolia have been fully immunized. As a percentage, this figure is higher than the vaccine given to all Americans. These four countries are among the 10 countries that suffered the most corona outbreaks last week, according to data from the New York Times. These four countries mainly use two Chinese vaccines manufactured by Sinopharm and Sinovac Biotech.

Chinese vaccine implemented in 53 countries
China’s corona virus vaccine is being implemented in at least 53 countries around the world. Many of them are from developing countries in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. In fact, Chinese corona vaccines are cheap and easy to store. It is an ideal vaccine for poor countries that do not have facilities to store the vaccine at temperatures above minus 20 degrees.

Effects of Chinese Covid-19 vaccine: Turkey had to rely heavily on Chinese corona vaccine, records 59,000 cases in one day
China itself has accepted the vaccine’s weak effect
China’s top health official himself admitted that his corona vaccine’s effectiveness is very low. Gao Fu, director of the Nie Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said two days ago that the effectiveness rate of the current vaccine is very low. Talks are underway with Chinese vaccine makers to increase this.

Chinese COVID-19 vaccine: it is dangerous to rely on the Chinese vaccine against the corona virus, consult the table and understand yourself
Chinese vaccine lags behind in efficacy
The Chinese CoronaVac vaccine is used in Chile. It is manufactured by the leading Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovec. A study from the University of Chile found that the effectiveness of the first dose of the Chinese vaccine was only 3%. After the second dose, its effectiveness increases to about 56 percent. Another study in Brazil found that the effectiveness of a Chinese vaccine was only 50%.

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