Chinese CPEC Engineers Scared Of Dasu Bus Explosion In Pakistan While Protecting With AK 47

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Chinese citizens working in Pakistan are so scared they are carrying AK-47 rifles China invests more than $ 60 billion to link its Xinjiang province to Gwadar Pakistani military ensures the safety of Chinese workers in Balochistan, but only after the attack, his post was exposed Islamabad
Chinese citizens working in Pakistan are so scared after the bus attack that they themselves carry AK-47 rifles. China is investing more than $ 60 billion to connect its province of Xinjiang to the Pakistani port of Gwadar. The Pakistani military is ensuring the safety of Chinese workers in ailing Balochistan, but it was exposed after the bus attack. Chinese citizens now carry assault rifles to protect themselves from Pakistani insurgents.

Photos of Chinese citizens wearing AK-47s are going viral these days. Pakistan has deployed 30,000 troops to protect Chinese projects and civilians, but the insurgents are constantly attacking. Nine Chinese engineers were killed in the recent bus attack. Several Pakistani army soldiers were also killed. Pakistan initially tried to hide this attack as an accident, but after China’s firm stance had to admit that the insurgents carried out the attack.
China outraged Pakistan for murder of Chinese engineers, canceled important meeting on CPEC
China sent its investigative team to Pakistan
The death of nine Chinese engineers left the dragon severely injured. He doesn’t even trust the Pakistani investigation, so he sent Chinese investigators. Not only that, the official Chinese newspaper Global Times also makes harsh statements against the Pakistani government and the military. China’s dissatisfaction is measured by the fact that today a major meeting with Pakistan on CPEC was abruptly called off.

Chinese state newspaper threatened with missile attack
Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin recently tweeted that the cowardly terrorists behind the attack were not yet in the foreground. But they will certainly be discovered and must be eliminated. If Pakistan’s capacity is not sufficient, China’s missiles and special forces can be put into action with its consent. After this statement, it is believed that there is a lot of pressure on Pakistan to take action against terrorists.

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