Chinese Delta Variant Outbreak Update: China’s Covid 19 Defense Shattered by Moscow Flight

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The whole world is fighting the corona virus spread from the city of Wuhan in China and in this hour of crisis killing millions of people, China claimed to have overcome the corona but reached the delta variant, China made a mistake and now in 2019 in the Biggest corona infection spread after Beijing
The whole world is fighting the corona virus spread from the city of Wuhan in China and millions of people have died from this outbreak so far. The delta variant of the corona virus has wreaked havoc around the world. In this hour of disaster, China claimed to have defeated the corona virus and with the city of Wuhan, the stronghold of Kovid-19, parties and celebrations have started in other parts of the country. Meanwhile, China made a mistake and now the biggest corona infection has spread to the country after the year 2019.

Faced with the threat from Corona, China sealed its city of Zhangjiajei on Wednesday and is taking punitive action against the city’s local leaders. After the outbreak of the pandemic early last year, the Chinese people were leading almost virus-free lives. Today, during the last infection, the corona virus has spread to 17 provinces. 71 new cases of local infection arrived in China on Wednesday.

China’s only mistake now it’s getting heavy
China has made a tight circle everywhere to defeat the corona virus. Often thousands of people are tested continuously. Despite all this, the Delta variant broke its circle. The latest corona case in China is said to have started with a flight from Moscow. In mid-July, an airliner from Moscow landed at Nanjing International Airport in eastern China. 7 people on board this plane were infected with the delta variant of the corona virus.

The corona virus has spread from those passengers to people cleaning the airport. A total of 9 cleaning staff have been found to be corona positive since July 20. The corona infection of these people reached those who came to the airport very quickly. This airport is a major transportation hub. Within weeks, the delta variant reached Hainan Island, 1900 km from Nanjing. Now there is a high alert in the country due to the further spread of the infection. The infection spread from the airport has reached 17 provinces in the country. Half of these cases occurred in the coastal province of Jiangsu, whose capital is Nanjing.

Zhangjiajie city becomes epicenter of infection
The first case of Kovid-19 was reported in Wuhan at the end of 2019 and a full-scale investigation here has shown that they are similar to the cases found in Jiangsu. These cases of infection are of the delta form of the virus, which is highly contagious. At the same time, the city of Zhangjiajei is also emerging as a center of transition where the natural landscape inspired the movie “Avatar”. Faced with this, the administration ordered Sunday to seal the city. After that, in the decree issued on Tuesday, it was said that local residents or tourists can no longer leave the city and go out.

The Communist Party’s Disciplinary Committee for Local Government has published a list of local officials whose actions have had a “negative effect” on controlling the pandemic and against whom punitive action will be taken. In the past week, 19 cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in Zhangjiajie city. At the same time, there are three of those infected in which there are no symptoms of infection and they will be counted separately. According to the Shanghai government newspaper, the infection has spread to at least five provinces from the Zhangjiajei cases. At the same time, 126 new cases were reported in Yangzhou, a city near Nanjing. Last week, the administration announced it was halting the issuance of passports to travelers except for essential purposes, which officials from the National Immigration Administration reiterated during a press briefing on Wednesday.

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