Chinese diplomat in Pakistan: Chinese diplomat obscene tweet in Pakistan: Chinese diplomat made obscene tweet in Pakistan

For the second time, a Chinese diplomat posted to Pakistan has created a buzz by tweeting obscenely. Zeng Heqing, director of the Cultural Center of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, showed the middle finger in the tweet. It is considered an obscene gesture all over the world. Previously, he had made obscene remarks about Islam and the Hijab. Then his complaint reached Imran Khan.

The Chinese diplomat shared two images in his latest tweet. Wherein the first inch is the picture and the second is the middle finger. In the caption of this tweet he wrote that we treat our friends like this, while treating enemies like this.

Chinese diplomat hinted at Taiwan
He wrote in his next tweet that since the founding of the PRC (Taiwan), China has never started war or occupied an inch of another country’s territory. China introduced ideas such as the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, which is still an important principle in international relations today. Peace reigns.

People expressed their anger in Pakistan
There has been a ruckus on social media from Pakistan about this. Users say that the man who was hired to promote Chinese culture is spreading obscenity in our country. At the same time, many people also supported the Chinese diplomat.

There has already been heckling
Earlier, there had been ruckus over the controversial tweet about her hijab. Then the religious parties and the Pakistani people complained to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan’s foreign ministry. People demanded action, calling it an attack on Islam and the hijab.

Pick up your hijab, let me see your eyes … Ruckus on the tweet of a Chinese diplomat stationed in Pakistan
What the Chinese diplomat tweeted
Zeng Heqing tweeted a video of a predominantly Muslim Xinjiang girl in China. In the caption of who he wrote in English and Chinese picking up your hijab, let me see your eyes. He said in another tweet that most Chinese people would like to sing this song from Xinjiang.

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