Chinese doctors ‘silenced’ on ‘true’ origin of coronavirus: Chinese doctors knew how dangerous the corona virus is

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Chinese health workers have made major revelations about the Corona virus on intelligence cameras. They had learned about the Corona virus before, but were told to lie. After a meeting in hospitals, the truth was told that someone did not tell, the horrors were exposed in December itself, but the WHO was informed in mid-January.
China has always had a questionable role regarding the corona virus which has brought many countries around the world to their knees. China has so far been continuously blamed for the origin of the coronavirus which has killed more than 9.61 million people, but China continues to deny the accusations. Chinese doctors on the coronavirus have exposed this virus to some powerful countries like the United States and Britain, and some Chinese doctors and health workers have revealed the truth on intelligence cameras that China has started to shoot again fingering.

According to the British news site Mirror, some health workers in Wuhan, China said they had learned a long time ago that the virus was very deadly and spreads quickly, but were told to lie. Was. It wasn’t until December 2019 that he realized the scale of the virus, but the World Health Organization learned in mid-January that the virus was killing people. He also said that hospitals were also prohibited from telling the truth about the rapid spread of the virus from person to person.

Considering the worsening situation in China due to the Corona virus, there was a demand to ban all Chinese New Year programs, but those responsible will not be lice. In an ITV documentary “Epidemic: the virus that shook the world,” doctors in Wuhan told the truth. However, their faces have been hidden, so that their safety is not threatened.

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Recently, the United States released allegations that the corona virus has leaked from the Wuhan lab itself. On the other hand, a WHO panel said Beijing was slow to release information about the Corona virus outbreak and meanwhile doctors’ statements on intelligence cameras have called into question the China’s credibility.

A doctor in the documentary said: ‘In late December or early January, a relative I know died from the virus. Everyone living with him, including my acquaintances, was infected. However, on January 12, China had said by the World Health Organization that there was no evidence of its spread from person to person. Doctors also said they knew the virus was spreading from person to person, but hospitals did not order to tell the truth.

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