Chinese dragon on Hitler’s path, making Tibetan children ‘soldiers’ on Indian border

The Chinese dragon of Lhasa is now seen moving in the path of German dictator Adolf Hitler. China is now committed to making children aged 8 to 16 into soldiers and giving them military training. China has set up a military training camp in Nyingtri. This area is completely adjacent to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is called southern Tibet. It is believed that military training camps are being built in this way at the request of the Chinese Communist Party. According to Chinese media, this military training base was built in early 2021. Young Tibetans are trained during school holidays in these establishments, built like military camps. According to the site Free Tibet, which monitors Tibetans, this camp was built at a place where the army is already deployed on a large scale. China’s first program launched at Arunachal border Chinese media claim these centers are built to provide national defense education to young Tibetans so that they can instill love for China and instill meaning patriotism. To protect the borders of their country. During this course, children are trained in military discipline, military exercises and physical activities. It is believed that this Chinese program was first launched at the Arunachal border. These children go to primary and secondary school in Lhasa. Tibetan schools have summer vacations in June and July. China claims that children’s physical and mental capacities will increase thanks to these camps. He said he has a direct relationship with the country and will decide China’s future. According to Free Tibet, many such camps are being built in the Tibetan region. China now pledged to cut the roots of Tibetan children After massive protests in Tibet in 2008, the Chinese Communist Party invested heavily in big data and artificial intelligence to increase surveillance in Tibet. The Communist Party is now committed to cutting Tibetan children from their roots. She started to change her lifestyle. Not only that, they are also not allowed to study the Tibetan language. Monasteries in Tibet are now under Chinese supervision, so they are unable to teach Tibetan.

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