Chinese factories burn in Myanmar: Video: Angry with China in Myanmar, arson and looting in 10 factories, many Chinese injured – China 10 factories burn down and loot in Myanmar Many Chinese injured Watch video

The anger of pro-democracy protesters against China engaged in protecting Myanmar’s brutal military from international sanctions has exploded. Several Chinese industrial factories have been looted and set on fire in the Halangathaya district of Yangon. Many Chinese citizens were seriously injured in this incident. The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar has described the overall situation as very serious.

The Chinese embassy has also warned its citizens. The Chinese embassy approached the military with security to protect Chinese companies. It is said that many Chinese citizens were trapped in this attack and are unable to escape. According to Chinese television station CGTN, two garment factories owned by Chinese citizens were set on fire. At the same time, a fire was also observed in the third factory. The situation is very bad and many people should be victims.

‘Support Myanmar, not the dictator rulers’
There have been frequent protests in the country since the military overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi’s government on February 1. The demonstrators demand the release of the detained leaders. The Chinese government is also targeted by the protesters and they say the Chinese government is protecting Myanmar’s army. Recently, pro-democracy protesters, demonstrating outside the Chinese embassy in Yangon, called on Beijing to stop supporting the military.

According to the newspaper, the protesters held signs in their hands which read “support Myanmar, not the dictator rulers” and “stop helping the army”. Asked by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman about the allegations that the coup was supported by the coup, he said you said rumors were spreading in Myanmar. it’s just. Some say China is behind this. However, our ambassador to Myanmar declared the Chinese position and denied the rumors.

What is China afraid of in Myanmar?
China is concerned that anti-Chinese sentiment will build a home among the people of Myanmar. In such a situation, China can not only damage the Belt and Road Initiative campaign, but can also shatter the dream of encircling India in the east. China is heavily invested in Myanmar, including road construction as well as port development. Myanmar’s democratic government has been upset by the Chinese government for not approving its plans.

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