Chinese fighter jets set record for entering Taiwan 25-day incursion in October – Chinese fighter jets set 25-day infiltration record in Taiwan airspace in October

China suddenly increased the number of shipments of its fighter jets to Taiwan, fueled by the deadly US arms deal. A total of 25 days of Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwanese airspace in October. The great thing is that every time he’s kicked out of the air by a Taiwanese fighter jet. With this, a record was made for Chinese Air Force ships to infiltrate Taiwan within a month.

Chinese planes arrived in Taiwan 25 days a week in October
According to the Taiwanese newspaper The Liberty Times, for at least 25 days in October, Chinese planes entered Taiwan’s range. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Air Force had evacuated the PALA ships, warning them 84 times by radio. The most intrusive incidents were observed in the Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone.

Most Chinese planes have infiltrated
According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the Y-8 anti-submarine plane was the most common intrusive Chinese ship. This aircraft specializes in tracking surface and submarine movements at sea. However, the United States has many submarines that no Chinese anti-submarine warfare system can detect. Sunday morning, a Chinese plane infiltrated Taiwan.

Chinese and US military officials held talks
Chinese Defense spokesman Col. Wu Chien last week told an online news briefing that senior Chinese and US military officials had a phone conversation. The two officials agreed to strengthen contacts, properly handle disputes and disagreements, and expand cooperation in areas of common interest.

China, Boeing-Lockheed and Raytheon banned from selling arms to Taiwan

US approves billion dollar arms deal
The US State Department announced in October that it had approved the sale of 135 targeted ground attack missiles, military equipment and training equipment to Taiwan to bolster its defense capabilities. The ministry said in a statement that the deal was worth more than $ 1 billion. It is said that Boeing made these missiles.

America gives this weapon to Taiwan
The deal will give Taiwan advanced sensors for the F-16 fighter, low-level supersonic missiles and rocket hammers to destroy enemy warships at sea. Last year, the United States signed an agreement. to deliver 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan. In 2020, the Donald Trump administration is taking a very aggressive stance on Taiwan and the sale of these weapons will bring its relations with China to a very low level.

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