Chinese Fighter Pilot J 10 PLA ​​Video Uses Now Deleted Indian Air Force CGTN Tejas Clips

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Chinese state broadcaster CGTN was faced with an embarrassing situation, CGTN stole the video of the Indian plane Tejas and declared it as its own. Later, when people exposed her, she had to delete the video from Beijing Twitter.
Chinese state-owned television station CGTN, which airs propaganda on the completion of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, faced an embarrassing situation on Wednesday. CGTN stole the video of the Indian Tejas fighter plane and showed it as the strength of its J-10 fighter plane. Later, when people exposed him on social media, he had to delete his video from Twitter.

In fact, Chinese state television made a video to spread the power of its Air Force pilot and fighter plane. In this video, he showed the fighter plane dropping the bomb. Not only that, many images of the plane were also shown. The deadly bomb shown in this footage was actually that of the Indian Tejas fighter plane.
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People caught on social media stealing images of Tejas from China
This Tejas bomb-drop test took place in 2013. During this time, Tejas had been brilliantly successful in dropping laser-guided bombs and firing air-to-air missiles. After stealing and sharing the footage of Tejas of China, people caught his theft on Twitter. After that he started trolling CGTN. CGTN deleted her video from Twitter after being caught stealing. watch china video

Although this video from China is featured on YouTube. People bring the flight from China to the world by linking the clip there with the video clip of Tejas. CGTN now faces a lot of embarrassment after this incident. People say that the way China makes weapons by stealing the weapons design of the world, the same way it steals pictures as well. Watch Tejas and the Chinese Video Comparison

On the other hand, today 100 years have passed since the establishment of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The party was founded on July 1, 1921 by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong with some of his Communist friends in Shanghai. On this occasion, a large military parade was organized in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the capital of China. On the founding day, 15 Chinese Air Force J-20 stealth fighter jets took off and performed aerial feats. It is the most advanced fighter plane in China. China recently started mass production of this fighter jet. J-20 fighter jets flew in victory shape. China has never included such a large number of J-20 fighter jets in an air show.

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