Chinese flag moon: the Chinese flag on the moon as Chang’e-5 returns with a sample: Chinese Chang E put his flag on the moon

China, engaged in competing with America in the space race, has buried its flag on the surface of the moon. After 51 years after the United States, the Chinese Chang’e-5 spacecraft finally hoisted this flag on the moon and it has now taken a sample of the moon and headed for earth. The Beijing Space Authority posted a photo of it. Previously, during the Apollo mission, the American flag had been planted on the moon.

Brought ‘piece of moon’

China Chang’e-5 is named after the moon goddess. According to China, for the first time, one of its spacecraft managed to fly from a location other than Earth. This spaceship returns with a sample of moon rock and soil. Previously, Luna from the Soviet Union had returned with a sample in 1976.

Created story

The flag attached to the Chang’e-5 spacecraft was first shown when the ascender was separated from the lander and placed in the orbit of the moon. The landing vehicle opened a fabric five-star studded flag. With this, a new chapter has been added to the country’s aerospace history. Previous missions were not carried out at Chang’e-3 and Chang’e-4.

Competes with America

At the same time, Apollo Astronauts of America had raised 6 flags between 1969 and 1972. The first flag was planted 51 years ago by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. China also wants to send its astronaut to the moon and build a space station by 2022. China launched the first satellite in 1970, but in 2003 it was able to send the first manned space flight.

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