Chinese government hatches violence plot in Galvan Valley, US report says

A top US parliamentary committee in Washington’s Congress revealed in its annual report that the Chinese government “conspired” to commit bloody violence in the Galvan Valley in June of this year. The purpose of this attack was to intensify China’s campaign of “harassment” against its neighbors. In the Galvan Valley, Chinese soldiers launched a vile attack on Indian soldiers in the darkness of the night in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. The US China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) said in its latest report, “There is some evidence to suggest that the Chinese government had devised the plot for the attack. This also includes the ability to kill the soldiers. The USCC was established in 2000, which examines issues of national security and trade between the United States and China. He also recommends legislative and administrative action against China to the US Congress. “The Chinese Defense Minister had encouraged the soldiers to go to war,” the report said, the exact reason for this provocative action by the Chinese government along the line of effective control was not known this year. However, the possible reason for China’s decision is India’s strategic road construction in border areas. This report says that just weeks before the Galvan violence, Chinese Defense Minister Wei encouraged his troops to go to war for stability. Not only that, Bhompu Global Times of the Chinese Communist Party also warned India. In this, the Chinese newspaper said that if India joined the US-China rivalry, it would receive a proper response on the trade and economic front. In addition, on satellite images a few weeks before the violence in Galvan, we saw that China had deployed a thousand soldiers just before the violence.

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