Chinese high speed train: Chinese high speed train 620 km ph: Chinese Mahatej train 620 km / h

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China prepares 620 km per hour very high-speed train, will run on special magnetic tracks, preparing for 2022 Winter Olympics
China has presented a prototype of its new high-speed Maglev train. This train can travel at a speed of 620 km / h. It operates at high temperature superconducting power (HTS), which appears to float on magnetic tracks. The 21-meter-tall prototype was launched in front of the media in Chengdu. University researchers built a 165-meter track that enhanced the look and feel of the train.

Professor He Chuan, who is working on the prototype, says the train can be operational in 3 to 10 years. He also pointed out that Sichuan has limited resources which can be beneficial for the construction of permanent magnetic tracks. This allows experiences to be developed more quickly. China has the world’s largest high-speed network, spanning 37,000 kilometers. Shanghai Maglev’s fastest commercial train is also located here.

Preparations for the Winter Olympics
Maglev, the country’s fastest bullet train, started operating in 2003. It has a top speed of 431 kilometers per hour and connects Shanghai Pudong Airport to Longyag Road at the eastern tip of Shanghai. China wants to develop more infrastructure by 2022, when the winter capital will be held in Beijing, the country’s capital.

Last year, China launched a 174-kilometer high-speed railway line that would connect Beijing Olympics host city Zhangjiakou to Beijing in 2022. This cut journey time by 2-3 hours to 47 minutes. This month, a special high-speed train was put into service in the country, designed to operate at low temperatures. The CR400AF-G train can also travel at a speed of 350 km / h at a temperature of -40 ° C.

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