Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles: Satellite images of China’s ICBM silos warn the world: China is building silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles

China, which dreams of taking over the world, is rapidly increasing its missile capacity these days. Recent satellite images have shown that China is building more than 100 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles in a desert near the northwestern town of Yumen. Silos are storage containers inside which long-range missiles are kept.

What are intercontinental ballistic missiles
Intercontinental ballistic missiles have a much longer range. They are able to fly from continent to continent and attack. In these, ballistic missiles can fly from their launch sites and successfully hit targets while traveling through space. These missiles can strike with conventional and nuclear weapons. China has lethal missiles like the DF-5 and DF-41, which are capable of hitting the United States.

Missiles capable of hitting America
With these preparations from China, there are fears that in the coming days it will make missiles the main weapon to increase its firepower and dominate enemies. China has many deadly missiles of this type, which America does not even have a respite from. A senior American general himself admitted that he still did not have enough air defenses to shoot down Chinese missiles in the air.

American researchers discovered China
As the Washington Post reports, researchers at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California have relied on satellite images indicating that work is underway to build these silos at several desert sites spread over hundreds of square kilometers across the region. Chinese province of Gansu. Researchers have found 119 of those construction sites where China is building new facilities to launch its ballistic missiles.

China increases its stockpile of nuclear weapons
If the construction of more than 100 missile silos is completed, it will also significantly increase China’s nuclear capacity. China is believed to have a stockpile of nuclear weapons ranging from 250 to 350. In such a situation, China will certainly manufacture more missiles to guard these silos. China has already deployed decoy silos.

America started building silos
During the Cold War, the United States began building silos to hide its missiles from Russian strategists. For this reason, Russian military strategists could not know how many nuclear missiles were stationed at which US missile bases. He therefore did not take the risk of being attacked.

China is building silos to fight back
Jeffrey Lewis, a Chinese nuclear arsenal expert and researcher on this team, said China also appears to be following America’s path. It was also built to bolster China’s retaliation against nuclear attacks. In fact, each country keeps its weapons separately for nuclear deterrence. If a country carries out a nuclear attack, missiles stationed at these bases can be fired in retaliation.

China has more than 145 missile silos
Lewis, director of the East Asia non-proliferation program at the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of Nonproliferation Studies, said that while silos being built at other sites across China are added to the tally, the total number reaches 145. We believe China is expanding its nuclear forces to maintain a deterrent capability that exists in sufficient numbers to beat US missile defenses.

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