Chinese investment in Samoa: is Samoa sold to China? Know the Truth: Did China Buy Samoa?

Samoa, the 29th smallest country in the world, located a bit away from Australia, has dealt China a heavy blow. The Prime Minister of Samoa confirmed that he had decided to cancel the port project under construction with Chinese money. China’s dream was to capture a major trade route to the Pacific Ocean via Samoa. He was also trying to challenge American domination in the Pacific Ocean with the help of this port. West of Samoa is the island of American Samoa, where US Navy warships are still stationed.

Samoa has become the pawn between America and China
Samoa remains a pawn between the two world superpowers, America and China. Because of American Samoa, if China’s influence in Samoa increases, then it will be a direct threat to Washington. In such a situation, the new Prime Minister of Samoa, Fiame Naomi Matafa, has indicated that she will only authorize investments which are of clear benefit to her country. It is also said that China’s investment in Samoa has not been completely stopped.
China stands a chance because of American apathy
Amid the current political crisis in Samoa, Prime Minister Matafa said China’s interest has increased due to the United States’ remoteness from this region of the Pacific Ocean. He said China is showing renewed interest in the Pacific, which may be a good thing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Samoan tourism, fish, coconut products depend on exports. People here send large sums of money to Samoa by working in countries all over the world.

New country trapped in Chinese debt had to cede its own electricity grid
The importance of Samoa increased after WWII
During World War II, Samoa’s strategic influence surprised every major country in the world. This is the reason why every time China has tried to intervene in this country, America and its allies have protested. The share of any foreign country in critical infrastructure such as ports and airstrips in that country is considered particularly sensitive.

Another country trapped in Chinese debt, is in danger of bankruptcy, the land can be captured by Dragon
Why does China want to interfere in Samoa?
The area of ​​Samoa is 2842 km², while that of Hong Kong is 2754 km². Due to its important strategic position in the Pacific Ocean, China is working day and night to increase its influence there. China also has disputes with Australia. In such a situation, if Samoa also discovers itself by lending to China as well as Sri Lanka and Pakistan, then it will be considered its great diplomatic success.

Pakistan learns from Sri Lanka, China takes land with loans
China’s share of Samoa’s total debt is 40%
China accounts for 40% of the debt contracted by Samoa in the world. China has loaned Samoa about $ 160 million. In the past, many experts have expressed concern about the Chinese loan to Samoa. Matafa was recognized as the first female Prime Minister of Samoa on July 23.

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