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China is trying to intervene culturally in Sri Lanka to increase its dominance. There was an uproar over the sign board not being the official language of Sri Lanka.

Beijing. China is worsening relations with its neighbors. Whether it is Nepal, Myanmar or Sri Lanka, it is increasing its enmity the most. It is promoting its expansionist thinking. After Nepal, now China has tried to intervene culturally to increase its dominance in Sri Lanka as well.

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Recently, the official and South Indian language Tamil has been replaced by Chinese on the sign boards of two government projects in Sri Lanka. Which caused a stir here.

Use of Chinese language on sign boards

Sri Lanka’s Attorney General Dappula de Livra unveiled a signboard featuring Singhala (Sri Lankan native language), Mandarin and English. This was followed by controversy in Sri Lanka. The lack of an official Sri Lankan language caused a stir on these sign boards. People started asking the government why their language is not given priority. This is against the policy of Sri Lanka’s three official languages ​​(Singhala, Tamil and English). When the controversy escalated, China introduced the Smart Library to the Attorney General’s Department.

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There was a lot of criticism on social media about this. People objected to China’s action. The sign board was immediately removed after this. When the media asked the attorney general’s office for an answer, the fee official declined to comment.

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