Chinese man almost inserted eel into rectum to relieve constipation

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A Chinese man with constipation put fish in his rectum, this live eel got stuck in the person’s stomach before reaching the person’s rectum.
A Chinese man with constipation found it expensive to insert a 20cm or 8 inch long eel into his rectum. According to the doctors, this live eel got stuck in the person’s stomach before it reached the rectum. Doctors said that in order to get rid of the constipation problem, the patient put live fish in his rectum at someone’s request.

Doctors operated on the patient’s stomach and removed the live fish from inside. He warned that the patient could die from hemolysis. This disease occurs when red blood cells are destroyed. It happens when bacteria from the large intestine reach the stomach. The news came to light when the patient was taken to a hospital in east China’s Jiangsu Province after his condition deteriorated.

Decided to go to hospital after suffering from pain
The patient suffered from severe abdominal pain. According to the Global Times report, the Chinese patient was ashamed, so he did not go to the doctor initially. After suffering from pain for a long time, he decided to go to the hospital. So far, there is no evidence that putting fish in the rectum relieves constipation. Earlier last year, another Chinese had put a 16-inch-long fish in his rectum.

This live fish entered through the intestine of a Chinese and later died in the stomach. For about a week, this fish had been in the stomach of a Chinese. The person was admitted to a hospital in Guangdong Province while suffering from severe abdominal pain. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the fish from its stomach. Many organs have been damaged from the fish entering the stomach. He had to stay in intensive care for three days.

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