Chinese man finds kidnapped son after 58

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Photos of father and son meeting in China for the first time after 58 years became a topic of discussion When he met his son, he cried in Beijing
Photos of the father and son meeting in China for the first time after 58 years have become a topic of discussion around the world. In fact, 58 years ago, Luo’s son Fu, who lived in Jaozhuang City, China, was kidnapped at a train station. Luo is now 90 years old. When Luo met his son on Tuesday after so many years, tears of joy came out of his eyes.

There are reports that Luo’s son Fu was kidnapped by human traffickers. Fu is now 60 years old. This incident is from Shandong Province in China. The Jaozhuang City Public Security Department released a video of this wonderful father-son union. Luo is seen hugging his son after seeing him and tears begin to flow from both eyes.
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Meanwhile, those present made a video of the entire incident. It is said that in 1963, Fu was kidnapped at a train station in Shuicheng District. Fu was reportedly kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers. These kidnappers took them to Shanghai where a couple adopted Fu. Luo and his family searched for Fu for many years and advertised everywhere, but Fu was nowhere to be found.

In 2015, the Department of Public Security launched a special investigation into the incident and used available DNA testing techniques. He extended his investigation to other provinces in China. After that, they searched for Fu on June 1. The DNA of the father and son was found and on June 8, the two men were reunited after being separated for nearly 58 years. Fu said his adoptive parents told him that they met him in Shanghai but had no idea about his past.

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