Chinese media mocked US election, said – ‘Entertainment’

Amid the vote count released in the United States, the eyes of the world are resting on the results. Meanwhile, China has tightened up and said there is violence and resentment in America because of the presidential election, but in China it keeps people entertained. According to the Global Times report, on the most popular social media platform here, Sina Weibo, the US election is becoming very trending and around 6.77 billion reads have been received. Even Donald Trump’s reports on legal affairs in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia reached 10 million reads in an hour.

Trumpet to trump
The newspaper says the election discussion here is all about entertainment. People share jokes on social media for this. At the same time, Donald Trump is being made fun of on social networks. People called him a “nation builder”. Thanks to this, the assets accelerate the development of China through the fall of America.

Corona virus encirclement
A joke shows that Trump is happy to see a red map of America (a symbol of the Republican Party) and is told it is a map of Kovid-19. In fact, the maximum of 98 lakh 10 thousand 930 people in the world have been caught by the corona virus, while 2 lakh 39 thousand 943 people have died.

What will be the effect on Sino-US relations?
However, there is one section that, despite all the discussion, shows no interest in who will win the election. In any case, these people do not expect much better relations between China and America. People say that it is the Chinese people who will decide the future of China, not the leader of another country. It was also sparked by the aggressive protests that began during the vote count so that after the elections the country would become “separate” (undivided) states.

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