Chinese Media on Myanmar Coup: Chinese Media on Myanmar Coup: Chinese Media on Myanmar Coup

The coup d’etat of the Burmese army and imprisoned the main leaders of the country. The incident has been condemned around the world and called upon to follow the law. At the same time, the neighboring country of Myanmar and China investing in it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Even Chinese media described the coup as “a major cabinet reshuffle.”

Chinese media notes
According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Burmese military has called the removal of elected ministers a cabinet reshuffle. At the same time, the Global Times even said that the country’s general occupation of power was done to destabilize the country’s poor power structure. The Global Times also taunted, citing experts that former US President Donald Trump may be the inspiration for the Myanmar military movement.

China has invested in Myanmar
Due to China’s response, its role is also called into question. In fact, just last month, Chinese diplomat Wang Yi met with Burmese army commander-in-chief Min Aung Laing. Indeed, China is an important economic partner of Myanmar and has invested billions of dollars in mining, infrastructure and gas pipeline projects here. China has invested heavily in Myanmar.

Question on the role of China
Accusing China of interfering in the politics of other countries is nothing new. China’s interference in Nepalese politics is obvious. Even the country’s political parties have questioned why Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee intervenes excessively in politics. At the same time, recently a Pakistani army general claimed that China had given him money to end the independence movement in Balochistan.

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