Chinese media on violence in US parliament said – bubble of democracy and freedom burst – Chinese media around the world laugh at violence in US capital, say bubbles of democracy and freedom have burst

In the US Parliament on Thursday, the whole world condemned the violence by supporters of Donald Trump. The images of violence in America, which teach democracy to the world, are shocking. Whatever happens in America, politicians around the world, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have expressed their sadness and concern. The attack on the US Parliament has been overshadowed by media around the world. Meanwhile, Chinese media outlet Global Times, in one of its articles, weighed heavily on America.

Chinese media have covered the fruits of deeds
China’s official media outlet Global Times, called Trump’s enemy number one, wrote that what happened in America was the result of his actions. It would have triggered the bubble of American democracy and freedom. Chinese media have written that in the violence, the office of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also collapsed in a clash with rioters.

Stiff on Hong Kong
The Global Times, citing a post from Chinese social media users, sarcastically said the Chinese still remember the vandalism at the Hong Kong Legislative Council. When he saw the rioters making an uproar in the premises of the Legislative Council, smashing and looting the graffiti, objects, tables, chairs installed there. This violence was later welcomed by American politicians rather than condemned. Western media praised the rioters’ restraint, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a “beautiful scene.”

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American politicians appreciate the ‘beautiful scene’
The Global Times said this “beautiful scene” is now happening in America. Quoting a Chinese executive, Global Times wrote that Nancy Pelosi can now enjoy this beautiful sight. Even at your desk. US politicians have called the rioters “freedom fighters” in other countries. Now his revenge is complete.

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A long history of Sino-American tension
America’s relations with China continued to be bitter during Donald Trump’s tenure. There were many issues including trade war, Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea, Ladakh, due to which the escalation between America and China continued to increase. Right now, the US military is also strengthening its defense ties with several countries including Japan, Taiwan, Australia and India to surround China.

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