Chinese Ministry of Defense: Sino-U.S. Army chiefs “ disaster communication ” between tensions between China and China-America military chief conduct crisis communication

The army chiefs of China and the United States communicated this week. There are tense situations in the South China Sea between the two armies. The United States has ruled out a possible drone attack. The news came at a time when US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo are touring Asia.

The two officials called on all countries to take up China’s challenge. China and US forces have held video conferences and disaster communications, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said. According to Wu, Asper has dismissed media reports that the United States is studying the Chinese islands and the South China Sea with MQ-9 drones.

Asper said the United States does not want to create a military crisis with China. “We call on the United States to keep its promise and urge the Chinese military to take action to avoid provocation by air and sea,” Wu said. He also said China will respond to an attack at sea.

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