Chinese missile base near Vietnam: China is building a missile base on the border with Vietnam: Chinese missile base near the border with Vietnam

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China builds missile base on Vietnam border, deploys surface-to-air missiles Vietnam is not happy with Vietnam’s growing proximity to India
China has now built a missile base near Vietnam amid continuing tensions in the South China Sea. The Chinese military has deployed surface-to-air missiles here. The Vietnamese foreign ministry on Thursday called for an investigation into the Chinese missile base seen in satellite photographs from an NGO. Note that at the end of December, the Prime Minister of Vietnam attended the summit with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. After that China was irritated.

Missile base built 20 km from the border with Vietnam
Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman LeTi Tu Hong said we are investigating the veracity of this image in the local media report. This Chinese missile base is only 20 kilometers from the Vietnamese border. It is said that China prepared this mixed base in Nigging County of Guangxi Province as part of a pressure tactic following degraded relations with Vietnam.

China’s Eye on the South China Sea
Disclosing China’s decision, an NGO called South China Sea said that a helicopter base had also been built near the missile base. The 6 missile launchers are clearly visible on the satellite image. Just a few weeks ago, China announced that its Air Force bombers had carried out an attack on the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Vietnam plans to buy BrahMos of India
Vietnam is planning to purchase the Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in the near future. According to sources, this agreement only concerns the Indian side. The deal will be finalized as soon as the Indian government gives the green signal. India is believed to be worried that if this missile were given to countries neighboring China, it could worsen our relationship with the dragon. When India trained Vietnamese Air Force pilots to fly the Sukhoi SU30 MKI in 2018, Chinese media also saw a strong reaction.

The BrahMos missile will be built by the Chinese military
This missile can become an Indian missile for the Chinese navy patrolling the South China Sea. It is the only missile in the world that can be fired through sea, water and air. This missile is able to penetrate its target with precision, carrying conventional and nuclear warheads up to 300 kg. Its speed is also over 2.8 Macs. For this reason, no Chinese missile defense system can stop the Indian BrahMos.

India and Brahmos to become Dragon’s ‘Kaal’ to besiege China at home
Vietnam also buys 12 high-speed petrol boats from India
India has already granted a line of credit of Rs 36,78,54,50,000 to Vietnam for the purchase of weapons. The deal would include the purchase of the BrahMos missile. India is currently offering 12 high-speed oil tankers worth $ 100 million to Vietnam under the credit program. These ships are being built for Vietnam border guards guarding the border.

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