Chinese Navy Sailors’ Mental Health: How Jinping Will Fight Now Chinese Navy Sailors Suffer From Mental Health Problems – Chinese Navy Sailors Suffer From Serious Mental Health Problems In South China Sea

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Chinese navies struggling with mental illness, according to a report, the condition of sailors stationed in submarines in Davasouth in the China Sea.
The situation of the Chinese navies mixed with most of the countries of the world, including India, America and Taiwan, is starting to deteriorate. A Chinese government report claimed its navies are struggling with psychological issues. In such a situation, the concern of Xi Jinping, who has ordered the Chinese military to always be ready for war, will increase.

Chinese soldiers struggling with mental health issues
According to the report, new research has found that one in five navy men working in the Chinese Navy’s submarine force, especially submarines deployed in the South China Sea, suffer from health problems. mental. In recent years, China has stepped up its naval deployment in the South China Sea, and the US Navy’s emphasis on free movement has made the region a new battleground.

Chinese Naval Medicine University report unveiled
A study by the Shanghai Naval Medicine University of 500 Marines and officers found that Chinese sailors struggle with psychological issues. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported that 21% of staff had been found to have mental health issues, based on their response to questions posed by the Marines.

China also struggles with obesity
According to the study, the Marines working in Chinese submarines face issues such as nervousness and mental fear. There were earlier reports that Chinese soldiers are struggling with obesity. Reports of his food have been made public on several occasions. In which the problem of obesity was found in Chinese soldiers due to not exercising and eating junk food.

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