Chinese Navy submarines: Chinese Navy has ordered three warships: Chinese Navy introduces three new warships and submarines

After spreading the corona infection around the world, China is now trying to strengthen its naval power. Three new warships were ordered by President Xi Jinping on Friday, the 72nd day of the establishment of the Chinese Navy. The first of these is the Type 09IV Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine, the second is the Type 055 Guided Missile Destroyer and the third is the Type 075 Amphibious Attack Ship.

Xi Jinping joined the commission ceremony
China’s official spokesperson, Global Times, said the combined displacement of these three ships is larger than the total displacement of entire navies from many countries. President Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, took part in the ceremonies of the PLA Warships Commission. The ceremony took place at Sanya Naval Base in southern China’s Henan Province.

Enemies can attack inside the country
The amphibious attack ship is capable of attacking enemy sea beds with 1,200 soldiers and a dozen helicopters. At the same time, the nuclear submarine can remain hidden under the sea for several months with 36 ballistic missiles. At the same time, Guided Missile Destroyer also has plenty of deadly missiles that can wreak havoc on the ground and in the sky.

Type 055 guided missile destroyer is dangerous
Chinese state media are calling the Type 055 guided missile destroyer the most dangerous warship in the world. The length of this warship is 180 meters and its maximum width is 20 meters. The complete replacement for this warship is approximately 13,000 tons. Similar to this battleship, the US Navy’s Ticoderoga-class cruiser and Flight III Arley Burke-class destroyers have a displacement of approximately 9,800 tons, while the British Royal Navy’s Type 45-class battleship has a displacement of about 9,800 tons. ‘about 8,500 tons.

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The Type 055 warship is equipped with these weapons.
The warship is equipped with a 130mm H / PJ-38 main gun. In addition, it deployed 112 numbers of vertical launch missiles. In addition to these two weapons, the ship also has an H / PJ-11 proximity weapon system, which can fire at a rate of 10,000 rounds per minute. Apart from this, short range HQ-10 missiles and torpedoes are also deployed on this warship. He has decoy launchers that take out submarines.

By 2025, China’s navy will have 400 combat ships
According to the United States Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), in 2015 the People’s Liberation Army (PLAN) navy fleet numbered 255 combat force ships. By 2020, the total number of combat force ships with the Chinese Navy has increased to 360, 60 more than the total of the U.S. Navy’s ships. ONI has predicted that China will have a total of 400 combat force ships by 2025, four years from today.

China still builds many warships
Even after building the world’s largest navy, China’s hunger has not diminished. It is also currently building modern warships, submarines, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, amphibious assault ships, ballistic nuclear attack submarines, many modern tanker ships for the Guard. coastal and polar icebreakers at an alarming rate. In such a situation, it is hoped that in the coming days, the strength of the Chinese navy will further increase, thanks to which it will be present in all corners of the world.

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