Chinese nuclear force: China increases nuclear bomb stockpile amid tensions with Indo-US, new report has been revealed

China is rapidly increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons in Ladakh amid continued tension from India. In view of the growing tension in recent times, China has stepped up its nuclear weapons modernization programs. The report says China ranks first in the number of nuclear weapons in Asia. He is developing new nuclear weapons.

Revealed in Federation of American Scientists report
Hanes M. Christensen, director of the nuclear information project at the Federation of American Scientists, reports that the Nuclear Notebook: Chinese Nuclear Force 2020 reveals China’s nuclear ambitions. This indicates that China is also building a large number of submarines for the deployment of underwater nuclear weapons.

China is building new nuclear weapons
This report also talks about all the Chinese atomic bombs and their power. China has 12 nuclear missiles from the ground. Whereas, every missile from China is capable of air and water nuclear attack. According to a 2020 US military report, China was claimed to have 200 active nuclear bombs.

China has around 350 nuclear bombs
Hanes M. Christensen claimed that China has around 350 nuclear bombs in total. Of this total, 240 nuclear warheads were installed in operational land ballistic missiles. While 48 C-based ballistic missiles and 20 nuclear gravity bombs were used. The remaining warheads are also kept in reserve.

Know the Chinese atomic bombs

Number of missiles Namanato NamanchersTrain Year Range (Km) DF-4CSS-3619805500DF-5ACSS-4 Mod-210198112000DF-5BCSS-4 Mod-310201513000DF-5CCSS-4 Mod-4–202013000DF-15CSS-6–1990600DF-17- – 1820201800 + DF-21A / ECSS-5 Mods 2,3402000,20162100 + DF-26–10020164000DF-31CSS-10 Mod-1620067200DF31AGCSS-10 Mod-236201811200DF-41CSS-x-218202012000

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