Chinese nuclear test site: Chinese nuclear test site spotted new tunnel via satellite imagery: Satellite image showing tunnel near Lop Nur nuclear test site in China has been revealed

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China dug new tunnel near nuclear test site, satellite image lifted curtain on China’s antics China scares the world by making nuclear missile silos
China is rapidly expanding its nuclear test site in the Western Desert amid tensions with India. New satellite images claim China is digging a new tunnel near its nuclear test site at Lop Nur. Not only that, this site is also connected to new routes. On October 16, 1964, China tested its first 22 kiloton atomic bomb there. After which China has carried out a total of 45 nuclear tests there so far.

Big question: how will China use the tunnels?
The tunnel was first discovered by private geospatial analysis firm Allsource Analysis while analyzing satellite images of the planet. Later, speaking to US NGO Media NPR, Renee Babiarj, vice president of analysis and operations at Allsource Analysis, said it was a new build involving areas where testing nuclear have been carried out in the past. He also said it is not yet clear how these tunnels will be used.

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China has not carried out any nuclear tests since 1996
China has not carried out a full-scale nuclear test since 1996. Meanwhile, many of the world’s major nuclear countries had themselves banned new tests. However, even later, the United States, China, and Russia occasionally tested non-nuclear parts of nuclear weapons. Many times these tests have been conducted underground so that the rest of the world cannot find out.

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Chinese Embassy denies comment
On NPR’s question about the tunnel, Chinese Embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu in Washington declined to comment. However, he said China is committed to suspending nuclear testing. He also opposed US claims that the Chinese government was trying to undermine the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in any way.

China under pressure from Indian atomic bomb builds another base for 110 nuclear missiles
China builds nuclear missile bases in two locations
News of the new tunnel comes as nuclear missile bases are being built in two different regions of China. It was said in the report that China is building 110 nuclear missile silos in the desert near the town of Hami in Xinjiang province. Most dangerous is that the killer missile silo is located only 2000 km from India. China has many such missiles within range of which all of India can be found. A silo is a type of storage container inside which long range missiles are kept.

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Second Chinese missile base near the town of Yumen
Earlier, it was revealed that 100 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles are due to be built in the desert near the city of Yumen in northwest China. The Federation of American Scientists said based on the latest footage that China has started digging for another missile silo. US scientists have said the expansion will dramatically increase China’s nuclear attack power. Hami and Yumen are both places in China where the United States cannot attack with its conventional cruise missiles. In such a situation, America will have to use exclusively its nuclear missiles to destroy them.

China shows its power to the world
Scientists said that a network of roads had been laid over an area of ​​800 square kilometers. He said construction of missile silos had started this year. After many years of silence, China has now started to make the world feel its power. After testing the atomic bomb in the 1960s, China insisted on maintaining minimal nuclear deterrence for several decades.

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