Chinese PLA Army Salary Rises Amid Indian Tensions, Know Jinping’s Hidden Agenda – China to Raise PLA Forces Salaries Amid Tensions with India in Ladakh

Amid the lingering tensions in Ladakh, China has decided to significantly increase its military salaries. After this announcement, the salary of the personnel of the People’s Liberation Army will be increased by 40%. It was decided to increase it as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s efforts to make the PLA world-class.

This is why China increases the army’s salary
Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post on Saturday quoted military officials as saying that an official announcement of the Chinese military’s salary hike was expected soon. This news indicates that this 40% salary increase will come after several comprehensive reforms aimed at transforming the PLA into a more modern and agile force.

Jinping’s military powers increase
From this year, China extended the power of the Central Military Commission (CMC) headed by Xi, by revising its National Defense Law (NDL). The CMC is the general high command of the Chinese army. The new law empowers the CMC to mobilize military and civilian resources both at home and abroad to protect national interests.

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Is this the purpose of the increment somewhere?
The South China Morning Post reported that the purpose of the salary hike was to attract and retain talent, as well as encourage young public servants to remain confident in the changes underway. It’s unclear when the pay hike will be officially implemented, but Chinese military officials have expressed satisfaction.

The Chinese army expressed its happiness
In this news, without mentioning his name in Beijing, a colonel was told that I am very happy because I will get an additional income of up to 7,000 yuan (over 78,000 rupees) after the increase, my monthly income 20,000 yuan (Rs. 2.5 lakh). He said: “It is not known when the pay increase will be officially implemented, but we have been told it will happen soon.”

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