Chinese PLA near eastern Ladakh: Chinese PLA near the Ladakh sector after a clash with the Indian army in Galwan: the Chinese army near eastern Ladakh after the violence of the Indian army in the Galvan valley

About a year ago, the Chinese army attacked the Indian army in the Galvan valley in eastern Ladakh. Now, once again, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is exercising in neighboring regions. The ANI news agency quoted sources as saying that the Chinese have been coming here for many years to practice this summer. Also last year it came like this and then increased the aggression against eastern Ladakh. This time, despite the corona virus outbreak, the Indian military is on alert and has kept an eye on all of China’s statures.

China is in your region
According to the report, Chinese troops are in their areas and are behind about 100 km. Sources called it a significant move as talks continue between the two sides over hot springs and disputed sites in Gogra. The two withdrew their forces from near Lake Pangong. Chinese troops had moved from their traditional locations to the eastern region, after which a tense situation developed.

It was believed that the Chinese would return to their old places, but they remain in an advanced position. The report claimed that the PLA has also built bunkers in its area and is engaged in fortifications.

India is also preparing
The Indian army has also deployed forward positions in eastern Ladakh and other areas. Senior officials have reviewed the security situation and are monitoring the situation. India has deployed the Indo-Tibetan border police, the Indian air force and the army in Ladakh. Negotiations are still underway between the two countries to muster forces in the disputed areas and reduce tensions. India asks the Chinese army to withdraw to the plains of Gogra, Hot Springs and Depsang.

The Chinese military is resting with air defense batteries, and fighter jets are also stationed at Hotan, Gari Gunsa and Kashgar. Given China’s attitude, India has ensured that its troops are present in large numbers in these areas. Frontline aircraft such as the Rafael Fighter Jet are also deployed from time to time.

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