Chinese preschool knife attack: knife attacker injures 16 children in Chinese preschool: 16 children injured in school knife attack

A nursery school in Guangxi province, China, was attacked by a man with a knife and injured 16 children. Apart from this, the condition of two children is considered critical. Police also arrested a suspect in this case. The attacker stabbed a total of 18 people, including 16 children.

A 25-year-old attacker perpetrated the incident
According to Chinese government media, the attack took place in the city of Beilu, in the southwestern region of Guangxi. Several reports also claimed that one person died in the attack, although this has not been confirmed. The attacker’s age is said to be 25, but the reasons for the attack have not been disclosed.

There was a crowd of people donating blood
Doctors at the hospital where the children were admitted called on people to donate blood. After that, a large number of local people gathered at the hospital to donate blood. The local police administration is engaged in a high-level investigation into the whole case.

There have been such attacks in the past as well.
In June of last year, another kindergarten in Guangxi Province was attacked by a knife. A total of 39 people, including teachers and children, were injured in the attack. Chinese media later reported that a security guard carried out the attack on the Wangfu Township school in Wuju City. Who was then arrested.

2 were seriously injured in the attack
37 people were slightly injured in this attack, while two people were seriously injured. However, no one was killed there. Police are set to bring the accused in the attack to court soon.

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