Chinese rocket debris: a Chinese rocket returns to earth: the arrival of Earth and the Chinese rocket

Breaking the silence on its space rocket, China said most of it would burn on entering the atmosphere and that there was absolutely no possibility of damage to Earth. Debris from this rocket is expected to fall to earth on Sunday morning. The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon said on Tuesday it was monitoring the large Chinese rocket, which has spiraled out of control and is set to reenter Earth’s atmosphere over the weekend.

Responding to questions about the Long March 5B rocket, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a press conference on Friday that China would provide timely updates on the matter. The rocket was launched from the country’s space station last week and its debris is expected to fall to the ground.

China maintains silence over space rocket debris, threat of collision with Earth
Wang said most of the rocket will burn when it enters the atmosphere. He said, “It is an international practice. On April 29, Long March 5B successfully entered the required orbit and we are also paying more attention to the reentry of the rocket.

He said: ‘From what we understand, the rocket has adopted a special engineering design. The majority of the rocket will burn on re-entry into the atmosphere. There is no danger of danger and damage on Earth. The authorities concerned will take stock of it at the agreed time ”.

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