Chinese rocket landing: Chinese rocket will land on Sunday morning: Chinese rocket will land on Sunday

The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon warned a few days ago that the Chinese Long March 5B rocket was hitting Earth and could now enter Earth’s atmosphere in a short time. According to data from the US Space Force, it is moving towards Earth at a speed of 18,000 miles per hour, which is why it cannot be confirmed on where it will land.

It should have four different classes, three of which are over water and one over land. Named 2021-035B, this rocket is 100 feet long and 16 feet wide. According to speculations so far, it could fall in Southeast America, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Southern Europe, North Africa or central, in the Middle East, South India or Australia.

Chinese rocket about to fall to earth, says Dragon – ‘no danger to anyone’
However, due to the majority of water on earth, the possibility of harming humans by falling on its ground has been reduced. Until now, it was feared to fall in Beijing, Madrid or New York, but due to its high speed, it is difficult to confirm the place of landing.

After being uncontrolled, the rocket began to move towards the earth and there was a possibility of damage when it struck the earth. However, experts say much of this Chinese rocket will be reduced to ashes as it approaches Earth. China sent the first part of its space station to be built in space using this rocket. This module is called Tianhe.

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