Chinese rockets to hijack Asteroid Bennu: Asteroid News: China reveals plans to launch rocket fleet into space to hijack asteroid Bennu

China has started to work on a grand plan to save Earth from asteroid collision. Experts around the world say that if the asteroid collides with Earth, there will be a catastrophe. It is believed that during one of these collisions, huge dinosaurs disappeared from the earth. Faced with this danger, the Chinese National Center for Space Science presented a plan to prepare a rocket army. By virtue of this, an army of this rocket weighing 900 tons will be sent into space so that the practice of keeping the asteroid away from Earth’s orbit can be carried out. China has decided to implement this plan by 2031. Asteroid Bennu is the target of Chinese scientists, which is 1,614 feet wide and will only pass 7.5 million km from Earth between 2175 and 2199. Let’s see what is the complete plan of Chinese scientists.

Rocket attack plan 23 times on the asteroid

Scientists say that when asteroid Bennu heads for Earth, the possibility of its collision will be once in 2700. This asteroid has been classified by the US space agency NASA as a potentially dangerous space rock. China estimates that if the “Long March 5” rocket hits 23 times one after the other, then this asteroid can be pushed back to 5592 miles from Earth’s orbit. This giant rocket weighs 900 tons. This is equivalent to 1.4 times the radius of the Earth. “Asteroid collisions pose a huge threat to all life on Earth,” said Mingtao Li, a scientist at the National Space Science Center in China and lead author of the article. He said that diverting the asteroid from its orbit is extremely important in reducing this danger. Meanwhile, scientists say massive kinetic energy would be needed to collide with a space rock like the asteroid Bennu.

Is dropping an atomic bomb on Bennu a better approach?

Many experts say that in order to destroy the asteroid, a nuclear attack would have to be carried out against it, but there is a great danger in this. Space rock can split into several pieces. This will increase the risk of it hitting the ground. Although Dr Lee says that over the next 10 years such technology will be developed to protect Earth from such a huge asteroid without the use of an atomic bomb. In this context, Chinese scientists have proposed that the surface of the asteroid Bennu be hit by a rocket several times in a row. However, these rockets will only be able to reach asteroid Bennu after a journey of about 3 years from Earth. Each of these rockets can be improved by not disassembling its upper part. This will make his attack on the asteroid faster. The Chinese team said very few improvements would be needed inside the Long March 5 rocket to send it to the asteroid.

The famous Chinese rocket is the giant Long March 5

This giant Chinese rocket had recently gone out of control, due to which the danger of falling on one of its cities was looming. However, he later fell into the sea near the Maldives. No one was hurt by it. China isn’t the only country working to change the course of an asteroid. America is trying to change the trajectory of asteroids through its HAMMER plane through spaceships or atomic bombs. NASA estimates that 34 to 53 times HAMMER will have to attack the asteroid. He said these attacks should be carried out 10 years before its collision with land is expected. This will move the asteroid to another orbit. The full research of Chinese scientists has been published in the journal Icarus. Explain that the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft reached asteroid Bennu in 2018 to find answers to questions such as the origin of Earth and the beginning of life. US space agency NASA has studied this asteroid for many years and also took a sample in October of last year. Now this spaceship is returning to Earth, making history. He will return to earth after traveling for two years.

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