Chinese space station: China and Russia will fight fiercely against the United States in space launch a space station: China and Russia will increase the tension in space by launching their own space station

Beijing / Moscow
Amid growing tensions with the United States, Russia and China are also trying to dominate the space. After the lethal space weapon, these two countries will now separate from the space station (ISS) of the US space agency NASA and establish their own space station. China has even deployed a rocket used to send its space station into space on the launch pad. Russia is also preparing to fully activate its space station by 2030.

Rocket moved to the launch pad
According to the China Daily report, the Long March-5B rocket was deployed to the launch pad of the Wenchang Space Launch Center on Friday morning. Thanks to this rocket, the central capsule of the Chinese space station will be launched into space at the end of April. This will be the second flight of the Long March-5B. China has named its space station Tiangong. In Chinese, it means the palace of paradise.

Will start to operate from 2022
Chinese space scientists have claimed that this space station will start operating from next year. Its lifespan is estimated at 15 years. This multimodal space station will mainly consist of three parts, consisting of a space capsule and two laboratories. The total weight of all these will be around 90 MT. The main capsule of the space station is called Tianhe, which means the harmony of the sky.

China will have a modern space capsule
The length of the Chinese central capsule is 4.2 m and the diometer is 16.6 m. The entire space station will be operated from there. Astronauts will be able to control the entire space station while staying there. There will also be a place to do science experiments in this module. This capsule will consist of three parts of the connection section, one with a life support, the other a control section and a third resource section.

Russia has also started preparations to build a space station
Russian space agency Roskosmos began construction of its space station after approval from President Vladimir Putin. The agency said that by 2030, its second indigenous space station will be operational. Earlier in April 1971, Russia launched a space station named Salyut 1. It is believed that this project will prove to be a milestone in the history of Russian space exploration.

Russia says U.S. ISS is dangerous
Since 1998, Russia, along with several other countries, including the United States, operated NASA’s International Space Station. Just a few days ago, Russia declared the ISS as junk and it’s dangerous for astronauts. After this separation, Russia now needs its own space station. Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roskosmos, said if he can put it into orbit according to his plans in 2030, it will be a huge success.

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