Chinese space station: China launches its own space station separately from the NASA ISS space war with the United States: the first space launch module of the Chinese space center will collide with the international space station of the NASA

China launched its own space station’s first base capsule module on Thursday to compete with the United States in space. In the coming days, the rest of the space station will also be delivered to space thanks to several similar launches. China plans to launch its first indigenous space station from the end of this year. So far, only Russia and the United States have done so. However, only the International Space Station of the US space agency NASA is currently active.

Launch of the March-5B long rocket
China launched the space station’s main capsule into space via a Long March-5B rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Center. It was the second flight of the Long March-5B. Bai Linhou, deputy chief space designer at the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST), said the Tianhe module will serve as the management and control center of the Tiangong space station and will have the opportunity to ‘erect three spacecraft simultaneously.

China named its space station
China has named its space station Tiangong. In Chinese, it means the palace of paradise. This multimodal space station will consist mainly of three parts, consisting of a space capsule and two laboratories. The total weight of all these will be around 90 MT. The main capsule of the space station is called Tianhe, which means the harmony of the sky.

China and Russia to compete with the United States in space, its own space station to be launched separately from the ISS
Will work in space for 15 years
Chinese space scientists have claimed that this space station will start operating by the end of this year. Its lifespan is estimated at 15 years. The length of the Chinese central capsule is 4.2 m and the diometer is 16.6 m. The entire space station will be operated from there. Astronauts will be able to control the entire space station while staying there. There will also be a place to do science experiments in this module. This capsule will consist of three parts of the connection section, one with a life support, the other a control section and a third resource section.

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Chinese space station will be ‘T’ shaped
China’s space center will be shaped like the English letter T, with the main module in the middle, while the labs will be used as labs on either side. The weight of each module will be 20 tons, and when the astronauts, carrying astronauts and luggage, arrive at the space station, it will be able to reach 100 tons. This space station is installed at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers in Earth’s lower orbit.

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