Chinese Space Station: China’s Manned Space Mission to the Space Station: China’s Space Program goes to the Space Station

The space race was once between Russia and America. Today, many countries have joined. Apparently, China did not want to be left behind in space, proving its dominance on land from land to sea. To realize this dream, it is preparing to take a leap forward in the next two years. China wants to send 12 people into space by 2023 who will work on the construction of its space station.

11 mission preparations
“We will send 11 missions this year and next year as part of the China Human Space Program,” Chinese engineer Yng Liewi, senior astronaut and deputy chief engineer of China Manned, said on Saturday. Space Program. This includes the launch of the main space station module, the experimental section, a spacecraft and the dispatch of 12 astronauts.

Preparation of the space station in 2022
According to Chinese Central Television, Yang is encouraging young people in the country to participate in the space program. He promised that more opportunities to go to space will be created in the future. China completed the third recruitment campaign for astronauts last October involving 17 men and one woman. Its main objective is to build a Chinese space station. China wants to start it in 2022.

11 spaces sent by astronauts
The first and second campaigns recruited 14 astronauts in the 1990s and 7 astronauts in 2010. However, only 11 of them went to space. Most of them came from a military background. Engineering is also needed in the construction of the space station, so China has started adding civilian professionals to the third campaign.

What is China’s mission to Mars, which the United States is also considering?

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