Chinese Space Station Name: Chinese Space Station Rocket Launch News: China has delivered cargo rockets to its space station

China is rapidly increasing its capabilities to challenge America in space. In this episode, China announced that its automatic spacecraft is easily connected to the space station under construction. This Chinese vehicle arrived with fuel and equipment for the astronauts to come to the space station in the future. China wants to challenge American NASA through its space station. In fact, NASA operates the International Space Station in conjunction with many other European countries. Recently, Russia split up, calling the station dangerous.

These goods reached the space station from this spaceship
China Manned Space said the Tianzhou-2 spacecraft arrived at the Tianhe Space Center eight hours after being launched from Hainan, an island in the South China Sea. He arrived with space suits, food, equipment and fuel for the station. Tianhe or Heavenly Harmony is the third and largest orbital center launched by the country as part of China’s increasingly ambitious space program.

China made the first launch on April 29
The most important module of this center was launched on April 29. The space agency plans a total of 11 launches by the end of next year that will provide two additional modules, supplies and three crew members to the 70-ton hub. China was recently criticized for letting part of the rocket that launched Tianhe uncontrollably fall to the ground. There is no indication of what will happen to the rocket that was launched on Saturday.

Chinese space station: China is now ready to compete with America in space, launched its own space station
China is not part of the ISS
Beijing is not part of the International Space Center (ISS) and the main reason is the US objection. The United States is careful with the secrecy of China’s programs and its military contacts. Chinese space scientists have claimed that this space station will start operating from the end of this year. Its lifespan is estimated at 15 years. The length of the Chinese central capsule is 4.2 meters and the diameter is 16.6 meters.

China and Russia to compete fiercely with America in space, its own space station to be launched separately from the ISS
Chinese space station will be shaped like a “T”
The Chinese space station will be shaped like the English letter T, with the main module in the middle, while the capsules will serve as a laboratory on either side. Each module will weigh 20 tons and can reach up to 100 tons when the spacecraft reaches the space station, carrying astronauts and luggage. This space station is established in low earth orbit at an altitude of 340 to 450 km.

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