chinese space station tianhe: chinese space station astronauts drink recycled urine: chinese astronauts drink recycled urine

Chinese astronauts filter their own urine and drink it to make up for the lack of water in space. In fact, China launched its space station in the last week of April. A team of three Chinese astronauts also arrived here to operate this space station and organize the equipment. Since the Chinese space station is still in its infancy, a native urine treatment system has been installed to provide clean water to astronauts.

5 liters of pure water from 6 liters of urine
The urine treatment system installed on the Chinese space station can produce five liters of distilled water from six liters of urine. The system has recycled 66 liters of urine over the past three weeks to support the space station crew. China has not shared much information about how this system works. It’s not that China arranged water for its astronauts by filtering urine for the first time.

America did this feat only in 2009
Before China, astronauts from the US space agency NASA filtered urine into space and drank it. In May 2009, US astronaut Michael Barratt, Japanese cosmonaut Koichi Wakata, and station commander Gennady Padalka made history by drinking recycled urine. Thousands of people gathered at NASA’s JohnsonSpace Center in Houston and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville to witness the event.

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An American system of $ 250 million
The cost of the American water recycling system is 250 million dollars (18 68 03 75 000 Rs). It is used in the daily routine in space to purify urine and liquid waste. Purified water is used for drinking, food preparation and bathing, as well as for the production of oxygen. This system is used in the station’s US-built oxygen generator, which uses electrolysis to separate water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Chinese astronauts: China’s giant leap into space, three Chinese astronauts have left for the space station
China named its space station
China has named its space station Tiangong. In Chinese, it means Palace of Heaven. This multimodal space station will mainly consist of three parts, which will include a space capsule and two laboratories. The total weight of all these items will be around 90 tonnes. The central capsule of the space station is called Tianhe, which means Harmony of Heaven.

Chinese space station: China is now ready to compete with America in space, launched its own space station
Will work in space for 15 years
Chinese space scientists have claimed that this space station will continue to operate for 15 years. The length of the Chinese central capsule is 4.2 meters and the diameter is 16.6 meters. From there, the entire space station will be operated. Astronauts will be able to control the entire space station while staying there. There will also be a place to do science experiments in this module. The capsule will have three connection sections, a life support, a control section, and a resource section.

China and Russia to compete fiercely with America in space, its own space station to be launched separately from the ISS
Chinese space station will be “T” shaped
The Chinese space station will be shaped like the English letter T, with the main module in the middle, while the capsules will serve as a laboratory on either side. Each module will weigh 20 tons and can reach 100 tons when the spacecraft reaches the space station, carrying astronauts and luggage. This space station is established in low earth orbit at an altitude of 340 to 450 km.

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