Chinese supercomputer: China manufactures light-based quantum supercomputer: China builds quantum supercomputer

Found great success

Citing a research article published in the journal ‘Science’ on the matter, the official ‘China Daily’ newspaper stated that the ‘Jiuzhang’ quantum computer can reliably demonstrate the ‘quantum experimental superiority’, which is important in the IT sector. Success. It should be noted that quantum computers work very quickly, which is not possible for traditional computers. With the help of quantum computers, there are achievements in physics, artificial intelligence and medicine. It should be noted that China has invested heavily in recent years to master quantum technology.

How fast is the computer?

According to the news, the name of this supercomputer is named after “Jiuzhang”, the ancient Chinese treatise on mathematics. This supercomputer, which can perform calculations in just 200 seconds, will take 600 million years to build “Fugaku”, the world’s fastest computer manufactured using a traditional method. To put it another way, China’s new quantum computer is 100 trillion times faster than the Fugaku supercomputer.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that in 2017, China launched a quantum communications satellite that cannot be hacked and is equipped with advanced security features. The following year, China inaugurated the 2,000-kilometer “anti-piracy” quantum communications line that was established between the country’s capital, Beijing, from its economic headquarters, Shanghai.

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