Chinese trawler fishing rights Protest in Pakistan: Chinese dragon steals Pakistani fish, Imran Khan does not listen to his fishermen – Pakistani Gwadar fishermen rally against granting fishing rights to Chinese trawlers

Strong points:

China, engaged in looting seafood from all over the world, has now reached Pakistani shores.
China, engaged in looting seafood from almost every corner of the world, is now stealing fish from Pakistani shores. Large, state-of-the-art Chinese fishing vessels catch large-scale fish in sea areas near Gwadar. It is the same domain that Pakistan gave to its master in the name of development. In contrast, Gwadar’s fishermen largely oppose the Chinese dragon ships, but Imran Khan, who is in debt to China, ignores the plea of ​​his citizens.

In the past, large numbers of fishermen, politicians and members of civil society in Gwadar strongly opposed Imran Khan’s government giving fishing rights to Chinese vessels. The National Party and the Baloch Students Organization staged a protest rally and staged a strong dharna against the government of Imran. Gwadar fisherman Khuda-e-Dad Waju said on occasion that Gwadar fishermen are already facing a shortage of fish. Allowing such Chinese ships would be life threatening.

Imran government favors Chinese fishermen
Gwadar fishermen said they stopped fishing from there to build the port, but the Imran government issued licenses to Chinese vessels, which significantly affected their livelihoods. He called on the people of Gwadar to unite over the Chinese booty. He alleged that the local government and the government of Imran favored Chinese fishermen.

A third of the world’s seafood is consumed in China
According to statistics, 2.5 million people make a living from fishing in the coastal areas of Pakistan. These fishermen use small boats and cannot go deep into the sea. Chinese ships can and they have huge nets through which they can catch large-scale fish. China is currently engaged in seafood catching all over the world, whether in Ecuador or on the Australian coast, Chinese vessels are engaged in fishing everywhere. Let us tell you that right now, a third of the world’s seafood is consumed in China. Because of this, the fish on the Chinese coast have almost disappeared and now Chinese ships have to go to other parts of the world. In search of this, Chinese ships have now reached the Arabian Sea.

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