Chinese tyranny peaks in Hong Kong, tough action is taken against fleeing countries – Chinese tyranny continues in Hong Kong, trials begin against Hong Kong 12 detainees at sea

The atrocities in China have been at their peak since the new Hong Kong security law came into effect. People here are being tortured by Chinese police by taking them into custody under the new law. In one of these cases, the Chinese government, regardless of American pressure, has taken legal action against 10 Hong Kongers who are trying to flee the country by boat.

Allegations of illegal border crossing
According to the indictment issued in Shenzhen, the defendants are charged with crossing the border illegally, while two of them have additional planning charges. The Yantian Jan Adalat District (Yantian District People’s Court) in Shenzhen said the hearing began on Monday afternoon and is still continuing. The spokesperson declined to give his name. Refusal to name is common among Chinese court workers.

Government lawyers gave information to families of defendants
Just across the border from Hong Kong is the city of Shenzhen. 12 Hong Kongers Concern Group reported that the families of seven of those charged had received phone calls from their duty counsel and that the hearing would have started on Monday.

China rejected America’s opposition
When asked about this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the process was still ongoing. However, he did not confirm the start of the hearing. Zhao said those affected are believed to be a facilitator in illegally crossing the border or bringing other people across the border and are prosecuted according to the law. Rejecting a statement from the US embassy on the issue, he said it was interference with China’s “judicial sovereignty”.

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Two minors will also be prosecuted
Apart from these 10, two minors should be prosecuted separately. They were also on board the boat. The boat was on its way to Taiwan but was intercepted by the Chinese Coast Guard on August 23. The families of these 12 claim to have been prevented from bringing in their own lawyer. They call it a politically motivated allegation.

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If found guilty, will be sentenced to seven years
If found guilty, the accused will be sentenced to one year for crossing the threshold and seven years for having traveled the entire way. Lam Chao Ming, head of Amnesty International’s Hong Kong program, questioned the transparency and fairness of the trial. AP Sneha Umauma

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