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China is known for its secrecy. Not as of today, there are many such secrets from ancient times that have remained hidden here. There is a similar figure in Sichuan Province. There is a copper statue in the Sanxingdui museum. The man we see there has his hands and feet closed, ankle bracelets, no slippers. This figure of 2.62 meters would represent the Shu kingdom (ancient Sichuan). At the same time, when it comes to other things from this period, some believe that this is evidence of extraterrestrial life.

There has been a lot of research in this area
This idol is that of a king 3100 years ago with a sun-shaped figure on his head. There is a dragon on the clothes and there are ribbons. Since 1929, more than 10,000 artefacts dating from 5,000 to 3,000 years ago have been found in Sanxingdui. Many of them are considered the most important Chinese archaeological finds during the 20th century. The ruins of the fort were found here in 1980, separate walls in 1984, and two huge sacristies in 1986. These made the region a political, economic and cultural stronghold during the Shu Empire.

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not 3, 5 thousand years
A well-developed system of agriculture and mining was also found here. These people also made ceramic and sacrificial tools. Before the excavations here, it was believed that the history of Sanxingdui dates back 3000 years. After excavations, it was believed that it was in fact a civilization from 5,000 years ago. Not only that, it also raised questions about the belief that Chinese civilization started from the Yellow River. This area remains very interesting among archaeologists for historical discoveries.

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How did you disappear?
Interestingly, the Sanxingdui civilization just as suddenly vanished. It is said that it may be due to a terrible earthquake. Some of the items left behind, like nothing else in Chinese history, are recovered. Archaeologists are puzzled as to what could have been the work of these things and how such an ancient civilization was so advanced. Some even believe that these mysterious things can be aliens. In fact, about 35 years ago, it was claimed to have seen a UFO here.

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