Chinese US Army: Chinese military claims US warship pushed back from South China Sea – Chinese military claims to disengage US naval ship from South China Sea

The Chinese military said on Tuesday it had “ pushed back ” the US Navy destroyer that entered the controversial South China Sea (SCS), disputing its claim (of the country). US Navy ships regularly tour the controversial South China Sea in an attempt to demonstrate freedom of navigation.

China claims almost all of the South China Sea, spread over 1.3 million square miles. It builds its military bases on artificial islands in the region. The region also boasts of Brunai, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. The South Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) said on Tuesday that the US demolition ship USS John S. McCann reached the sea zone near Nansha Island without government permission. Chinese.

A spokesperson for Southern Command said in a statement: “The PLA’s Southern Theater Command has mobilized the Navy and Air Force and left on warning.” The Chinese military’s official website, China Military Online, reported that a day before the incident, the second Chinese aircraft carrier had arrived in the South China Sea for the Shandong exercise. China currently has two active carriers, Liaoning and Shandong.

According to the website, analysts said the PLA had once again demonstrated its ability to control the region and protect national sovereignty and security. According to the Beijing-based think tank, the South China Sea Strategic Location Probation Initiative, the United States has conducted such campaigns nine times in 2020, and it has happened in recent years.

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