Chinese vaccine against cansinobio covid: Chinese vaccine Covid-19 will be manufactured in Pakistan: Chinese vaccine Corona will be manufactured in Pakistan

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Chinese vaccine to start production in Pakistan, approval received in February Chinese vaccine covid cancino bio technical team reaches Pakistan, records rise for infection, acute shortage of vaccine Islamabad
Pakistan is also eagerly awaiting the creation of the Kovid vaccine with the help of its evergreen friend China. Record cases of corona occur every day in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the country is also facing a huge vaccine shortage. Pakistan does not have a lot of money to buy expensive vaccines abroad and apply them to its people. Therefore, he calls on China to provide the technology needed to produce the Corona vaccine.

Information communicated to the Standing Committee of the Pakistani Parliament
A senior Pakistani official said his country is working on developing a single-dose vaccine against the corona virus in collaboration with China. Pakistan National Institute of Health (NIH) Director General Major General Aamir Ikram told the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on National Health Services on Tuesday that we will make a single-dose vaccine. for Kovid-19.

Vaccine production will start from this week
He said that we have done a clinical trial of the Chinese Kovid-19 organic cancino vaccine in Pakistan. This vaccine was approved for emergency use by Pakistan in February. He then told the media that Pakistan was among the first countries to participate in the clinical trial of the Can Cyno biologic vaccine. Pakistan has asked China to provide the technology for this vaccine and the raw material for the vaccine will come this month.

Chinese technical team reached Pakistan
He said that we hope we will be able to take steps to produce the vaccine by the end of April. Our team is ready to take on this task, while a team from China has also arrived in Pakistan. The Chinese team will monitor our team at NIH. Before the parliamentary committee, Ikram said that the NIH plant, which was closed a few years ago, has been restarted and that manufacturing of the Kovid-19 vaccine will begin once the plant is ready.

Corona virus ravages Pakistan too, oxygen was destroyed by many hospitals
Pakistan will give Chinese vaccine to people without approval
The Chinese organic vaccine Can Cyno has not yet been recognized by the World Health Organization. CanSinoBIO claimed in February that its vaccine was 65.7% effective. The company also claimed that its vaccine had a 90.98% success rate in preventing serious infections. Pakistan released its own data, indicating that the vaccine was 74.8% effective in clinical trials in its country.

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