Chinese Workers in Pakistan: Security of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Chinese Workers in Pakistan: Security of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Attack on Chinese Workers in Pakistan

Pakistan has started reviewing security arrangements for Chinese nationals working at CPEC after threats from China. Meanwhile, a new program is being considered to provide 24-hour security for Chinese workers working in Pakistan. A few days ago, a bus of Chinese nationals working at the Dasu hydroelectric power station in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was targeted by terrorists. A total of 13 people, including nine Chinese workers, were killed in the attack.

Qureshi and ISI chief put their trust in China
The Jinping administration was so angry with Pakistan over the murder of Chinese workers that Imran Khan had to send Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to Beijing to persuade him. During this visit, Qureshi and Hamid had to explain to the Chinese authorities the security arrangements of their people in Pakistan. Apologizing to China, he also promised that there would be no more incidents of attacks on Chinese citizens in the future.

China furious with Pakistan over murder of Chinese engineers, canceled important meeting on CPEC
Besides CPEC, Pakistan will also protect Chinese citizens
The new guarantees will now cover all Chinese investments and workers, whether or not they are part of CPEC projects, Pakistani media outlet The Express Tribune reported. Pakistan said the Dasu hydropower plant was not part of the CPEC projects and therefore the security arrangements were not uniform. Pakistan has established a special security division headed by a two-star Pakistani army general to provide full security to CPEC projects and the Chinese citizens working there.

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Chinese investment security review in Pakistan begins
The report says that following the terrorist attack on the Dasu hydropower plant, similar security measures will be taken for all projects involving Chinese companies and their citizens. Pakistan had claimed about the attack that the enemy country was behind it, which is unable to tolerate its relations with China. Pakistani officials said security arrangements are under review in light of potential threats to Chinese investment.

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Qureshi had to apologize to China!
Qureshi, who is visiting China, assured Chinese officials that Pakistan will provide full security to its citizens working on CPEC and other projects. A joint statement released after talks between Foreign Minister Qureshi and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi said the two sides were committed to exposing the perpetrators of the Kohistan bus attack and bringing them to justice. He also assured to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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CPEC becomes China’s neck
The China-Pakistan economic corridor has now become a dragon’s neck. Even after investing billions of money, China is not getting the profits it had invested $ 60 billion for. Politics is also at its peak in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistani rulers steeped in corruption are also dealing with road construction works.

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China fears a fall in investments
After investing $ 60 billion in CPEC, China seems to have come back on the whole plan. The local populations of Gilgit Baltistan and PoK are also against this project. Pakistan’s policy also remains a problem for China. Attacks against Chinese citizens working in tribal areas have also increased.

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