chocolate colored frog found: Chocolate colored tree frog discovered:

Some Australian scientists have discovered a unique frog. This frog has been found in the tropical rain forests of New Guinea. The peculiarity is that the skin of frogs living on trees is usually green, but the color of this frog is brown. This is why it is named ‘Chocolate Frog’. Paul Oliver of the Center for Planetary Health and Food Security and the Queensland Museum discusses the frog in an article in the Australian Journal of Zoology.

Australia and New Guinea were once connected to each other, but now New Guinea has more rainforests and Australia has savannah. The green tree frog Litoria caerulea is found in N and E Australia and New Guinea. Australian scientists discovered the new species in 2016 and it is believed to be present throughout New Guinea.

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Study co-researcher Steve Richards said these frogs live in extremely hot, swampy areas where many crocodiles are found. So not a lot of research is done here. This new species was named Litoria Mira which means in Latin “marvelous”. It was given this name because of the surprise that it looked like the frog commonly found in Australia.

Research in this area is very interesting because it understands how these two regions developed differently, how they increased and how they decreased. About 53 to 26 lakh years ago, the species here were related to each other.

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