Chris alexander calls imran khan a shameless liar: former canadian minister calls imran khan a shameless liar to the taliban

Former Canadian Minister and Ambassador to Afghanistan, Chris Alexander called Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan a “shameless liar”. Not only that, Chris called on the world to ban Imran Khan for promoting the Taliban. Chris posted a photo of Taliban terrorists waiting at the Pakistani border and said if anyone says Pakistan is not involved in aggressive action against Afghanistan then they are complicit in this proxy war.

Chris said of Imran Khan: ‚ÄúThis person is a total fraud. There is a shameless unapologetic liar and hypocrite who is involved in the idiots who have been promoting the Taliban for decades. He said Imran Khan was “untouchable” like Russian President Vladimir Putin. He only deserves severe penalties. The Pakistani government exploded over this statement by the former Canadian minister.
Imran Khan said, Pakistan is not the spokesperson for the Taliban, don’t blame us for the Afghan violence
Pakistan strongly condemned Chris’ statement, hit back
Pakistan’s foreign ministry said Chris’s statement was a betrayal of the Afghan peace talks. Pakistan said Chris’s statement did not match the reality on the ground. Pakistan strongly condemned Chris’ statement. Chris also hit back at this statement from Pakistan. He said the illegitimate, baseless and misleading claims of Imran Khan and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi are dishonest to all who have worked for Afghan peace and stability.

The Canadian minister calls for sanctions against Pakistan for its support for Taliban militants. You might as well say that many Afghan leaders have accused Pakistan and its Prime Minister of openly helping the Taliban. Many Pakistani soldiers and terrorists have been seen fighting in Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani denounced Pakistan in front of Imran Khan.

Taliban get full aid from Pakistan: Saleh
On the other hand, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in the past that he is unhappy to make repeated allegations against his country for the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. Imran said Islamabad has always wanted peace and the establishment of an inclusive government for its neighbor, as it would be for the good of both countries. Imran Khan in Islamabad said Pakistan is not the spokesperson for the Taliban and it has nothing to do with what the terrorist group is doing in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh said on Sunday that the Taliban was receiving full aid from Pakistan.

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