Christmas baskets replace company dinner

At Christmas, human beings automatically change their way of thinking and are more inclined to give. Companies use these moments to give their employees a gift, and it’s almost always a dinner party or a party. But in December, things change and Christmas baskets are the protagonists, facing a time when meeting is not an option.

Baskets and lots for company employees at Christmas

In Spain, offering employees a basket of food at Christmas is a tradition. This year, it will be a challenge for human resources to deliver a gift that reflects the immense effort of its employees to keep the company afloat in the midst of the pandemic.

Sadival offers its services to companies to create baskets and lots to offer at little Christmas. According to this popular online store, it is expected that this year the demand for these services will increase, due to the fact that Christmas dinners are excluded at Christmas 2020.

Each basket or bundle reflects the company’s commitment to its employees, an incentive for staff to feel satisfied. The versatility of the offer of stores that set up these gifts allows businesses that have liquidity problems to offer good gifts to their employees.

Although giving a basket at Christmas is not an obligation on the part of the employer, it generates loyalty from its workers. Seeing a year of hard work rewarded with a gift makes employees feel more excited to participate and engage with the brand or company.

Situation of Christmas gift baskets before the pandemic

Giving baskets and lots to employees at Christmas was falling into disuse, given almost exclusively to retirees. However, it looks like these giveaways will take center stage in 2020, when it might not be possible to get the employees together for a party.

Today, sales figures indicate that many entrepreneurs are using the dinner budget to make the baskets and bundles. So, if before they invested 50 euros in a basket, now they can allocate a larger amount, because the party will not be able to take place, an event that generated more investment.

On the other hand, the activity of selling gift baskets generates a significant volume of jobs over the past few years. At a time when the economy has been so battered, this will be an important resource for many.

Thousands of stores are implementing their protocols to ensure that the preparation and delivery of these gifts is safe for those who make the baskets and those who will receive them.

Christmas should not go unnoticed this 2020 for the employees of the company. Although traditional parties or dinners cannot be organized, baskets or bundles with food can be delivered. In this way, thousands of workers who remained active during the pandemic, will be able to receive a bonus for their work in this eventful year.

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